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Duluth Monthly Weather Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Explore the monthly temperature data for Duluth to understand the weather and climate trends in the region. Plan ahead with this valuable information.

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So, I've been diving deep into Duluth's monthly temperature data, and let me tell you, it's quite the rollercoaster. January, for instance, is downright chilly, with average lows hitting around 6°F. You'll need more than a cozy sweater to get through those nights. Fast forward to July, and the scene changes dramatically. Temperatures soar to an average high of 76°F, perfect for lakeside picnics and long, sun-drenched hikes.

April and October serve as the city's transitional months. In April, you can expect a mix of thawing ice and the first hints of spring, with temperatures ranging from 33°F to a more forgiving 50°F. October, on the other hand, showcases the vibrant fall colors with a crisp air, temperatures dancing between 39°F and 55°F, signaling the approach of winter.

What's fascinating is the stark contrast between the peak of summer and the depths of winter. Duluth's climate doesn't hold back, offering residents and visitors a vivid taste of all four seasons. Whether you're bundling up to explore the snowy landscape or shedding layers to enjoy the summer breeze off Lake Superior, Duluth's temperature data paints a picture of a city that's anything but monotonous.

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