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Are you passionate about the science of temperature, weather phenomena, culinary arts, or any temperature-related technology? Do you find yourself constantly exploring the effects of temperature in everyday life, from the optimal settings for brewing the perfect cup of coffee to understanding the complex relationship between climate change and global temperature trends? If so, Temperatures.com, curated by Kyle Russell, is looking for contributors like you!


Temperatures.com is a comprehensive platform dedicated to all things temperature. From detailed guides on culinary temperatures to in-depth analyses of climate patterns, we cover a broad spectrum of topics that resonate with a wide audience. Whether you’re a meteorologist, chef, tech enthusiast, or simply someone with a curious mind and a knack for writing, we invite you to share your insights and knowledge with our community.

What I’m Looking For:

How to Submit:

Please send your article proposal or draft to me via email at contact@temperatures.com. Include a brief introduction about yourself, your background, and why you’re interested in writing for Temperatures.com. If you have a portfolio or links to previous work, feel free to share those as well.

Review Process:

Each submission will be reviewed personally by me for relevance, accuracy, and originality. Due to the volume of submissions, only those that are being considered for publication will be contacted. Please allow up to two weeks for a response.

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Temperatures.com is more than just a website; it’s a community of curious minds and enthusiasts dedicated to exploring the impact of temperature in our lives and the world around us. If you’re eager to contribute and make your mark, we can’t wait to hear from you.


For more information and to discuss potential topics, please reach out to Kyle at contact@temperatures.com.