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Boise Monthly Weather Guide Boise Monthly Weather Guide

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Boise Monthly Weather Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Plan your activities in Boise with our monthly temperature guide. Stay informed about the weather and climate trends throughout the year.

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Boise's weather keeps you on your toes, offering a little bit of everything. In January, you're looking at chilly days, with average lows around 24°F. Snow isn't a stranger, making it a cozy time for hot cocoa. Come April, spring starts to show its colors. Temperatures climb to a more comfortable range, with highs around 61°F, perfect for those first outdoor adventures of the year.

July turns up the heat, literally. Highs can soar to 91°F, making it ideal for hitting the river or finding a lake to cool off. Fast forward to October, and you're in for a treat with the fall colors. Average highs sit at a pleasant 66°F, just right for hiking in the nearby hills.

Each month in Boise brings its own vibe, from the crisp, snowy winters to the warm, vibrant summers. Whether you're bundled up or in shorts, there's always something to do outdoors. Trust me, experiencing the full swing of seasons here is something quite special.

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