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Botswana Monthly Weather Guide Botswana Monthly Weather Guide

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Botswana Monthly Weather Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Plan your trip to Botswana with our monthly temperature guide. Learn about the weather and climate to make the most of your visit.

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Let me take you on a quick tour through Botswana’s climate, highlighting monthly temperatures to help you plan your visit. In January, heat defines our experience, with temperatures soaring up to 33°C. This time of year, you’re diving into summer’s heart, where warmth envelops everything.

February doesn’t let up much, still hot, but with a slight dip in temperature, making evenings a tad more bearable. March sees a noticeable shift; warmth remains, yet mornings start feeling a bit fresher, signaling the end of summer’s peak.

April brings a significant change, with days cooling down to a comfortable 30°C. Perfect for outdoor adventures without the scorching sun overhead. May introduces the winter season, where you’ll need a jacket in the mornings and evenings as temperatures can drop to 14°C.

June and July are our coolest months. Midday is pleasant, but nights get chilly, dropping to around 6°C. August starts warming up again, setting the stage for spring. September and October mark the return of heat, with October often peaking at 34°C, making it the hottest month.

November signals the start of the rainy season, bringing relief from the heat and transforming the landscape into a vibrant green. December rounds off the year with warm days and occasional showers, perfect for those who enjoy a mix of sun and rain.

So, whether you’re seeking the cool relief of winter or the vibrant warmth of summer, Botswana’s climate offers a diverse range of temperatures to suit any preference.

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