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How Do Average Temperatures Vary in Concord, NH? How Do Average Temperatures Vary in Concord, NH?

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How Do Average Temperatures Vary in Concord, NH?

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover the average temperature data and trends in Concord, NH, and explore the weather and climate patterns in the region. Stay informed with up-to-date information on weather conditions.

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In Concord, NH, weather patterns have always fascinated me. Summers here bring warmth, with July temperatures peaking around ##82°F##. It's the kind of heat that encourages picnics by the Merrimack River. Yet, nights cool down to a comfortable ##58°F##, perfect for stargazing.

Winters, on the other hand, transform the city into a snowy wonderland. January sees the mercury drop to a chilly ##18°F## at night, while daytime highs struggle to reach ##31°F##. Snow enthusiasts rejoice, but for those of us who prefer warmth, it's a time for hot cocoa and cozy fires.

Spring and fall are transitional, showcasing a wide range of temperatures. May's gentle warmth at ##70°F## gradually gives way to the crisp air of October, with highs around ##60°F##. These seasons paint the city in vibrant colors, from the fresh blooms of spring to the rich hues of autumn leaves.

Observing trends, I've noticed slight shifts. Summers seem a tad warmer, winters a bit milder. Whether these changes are fleeting or part of a longer trend, only time will tell. For now, I continue to enjoy Concord's distinct seasons, each with its own charm and challenges.

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