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San Antonio November Weather Guide San Antonio November Weather Guide

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San Antonio November Weather Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Plan your trip to San Antonio in November with our comprehensive guide to the weather and climate. Get all the information you need for a perfect visit!

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I’ve always been fascinated by how weather patterns paint unique landscapes across different cities. San Antonio in November? It’s like stepping into a live painting where autumn whispers its final tales. Let me walk you through what to expect, weather-wise, in this vibrant city during November.

Temperatures in San Antonio this time of year are pleasantly mild. Expect daytime highs to hover around ##70°F##, while nights can cool down to a crisp ##50°F##. This temperature range is perfect for exploring the city’s rich history and beautiful outdoor spaces without the sweltering heat of summer or the chill of winter.

Rainfall? Yes, there’s some, but not too much to dampen your spirits. On average, San Antonio sees about ##2.4 inches## of rain spread over the month. So, while you might encounter a few rainy days, they’re generally short-lived and offer a refreshing break from the otherwise dry conditions.

What I love most about November here is the way the city transitions into the holiday season. The cooler temperatures and occasional rain create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for evening strolls along the River Walk or visiting the many festive markets popping up.

So, packing for a November visit to San Antonio? Bring layers, a light jacket for the evenings, and maybe an umbrella, just in case. With mild temperatures and a mix of sunny and rainy days, it’s an ideal time to experience the city’s charm without the extremes of other seasons.

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