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How Cold Does It Get in Phoenix in January? How Cold Does It Get in Phoenix in January?

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How Cold Does It Get in Phoenix in January?

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover the weather and climate in Phoenix in January. Learn what temperatures to expect during this time of year.

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In Phoenix, January brings a break from the intense heat that characterizes much of the year. Expect daytime highs to hover around ##68°F##, providing a mild and pleasant climate. Nights, however, can feel quite chilly, with temperatures often dipping to ##46°F##. This contrast means layers are your best friends for navigating these shifts comfortably.

Rain isn't a frequent visitor in this desert city, but January is one of the wetter months. On average, you might see rain on a few days, totaling about ##0.91 inches## for the month. So, while you won't need an ark, packing a light raincoat or an umbrella could be wise.

For those dreaming of snow, Phoenix will likely disappoint. Snowfall here is a rarity, more myth than expectation. Yet, the surrounding higher elevations occasionally get a dusting, offering a wintry escape for residents craving a bit of cold.

Sunshine remains abundant, even in winter, with clear skies dominating most days. This abundance of sunlight keeps the city feeling warmer than the thermometer suggests and ensures outdoor activities remain on the agenda.

So, if you're visiting or just curious, January in Phoenix offers a cozy reprieve from the cold found in much of the country, with enough variability to keep things interesting.

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