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March Weather Trends Gulf Shores March Weather Trends Gulf Shores

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March Weather Trends Gulf Shores

Written by: Kyle Russell

Plan your trip to Gulf Shores with our comprehensive guide to March weather and climate. Get all the information you need for a perfect vacation.

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March in Gulf Shores is like opening a book to a chapter where spring starts to whisper. I’ve dug into what makes this time of year so special there, and let me tell you, it’s a mix of mild temperatures and the occasional rain shower that sets the scene. During this month, you can expect daytime highs to hover around ##70°F##, while nights cool down to a comfortable ##50°F##. This blend of warmth and cool makes for perfect beach days without the scorching heat summer brings.

Rainfall is part of the story too, with March seeing its fair share. On average, expect about ##5 inches## of rain, spread out over the month. It’s not constant, but when showers come, they’re usually brief and leave everything refreshed.

What really grabs me is the way the Gulf of Mexico starts to warm up, hitting temperatures around ##67°F##. It’s not quite swimming season for everyone, but it’s getting there. And with fewer crowds than summer, you’ve got space and peace to enjoy the shorelines.

So, packing for Gulf Shores in March? Bring layers, a rain jacket, and a sense of adventure. This time of year offers a unique blend of comfort, beauty, and tranquility before the summer rush.

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