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How Hot Does Sedona Get in July? How Hot Does Sedona Get in July?

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How Hot Does Sedona Get in July?

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover everything you need to know about the weather and climate in Sedona for the month of July with this comprehensive guide.

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In July, Sedona transforms into a vibrant tableau of clear, blue skies and warm, inviting temperatures. Sedona's weather this month is perfect for adventurers and relaxation seekers alike. Daytime temperatures hover around the mid-90s (Fahrenheit), making early morning or late afternoon the ideal times for hiking or exploring the stunning red rock formations. Evening brings a welcome coolness, with temperatures dipping into the pleasant 60s.

Monsoon season kicks off in July, adding an extra layer of excitement to the weather pattern. Afternoon thunderstorms are common, creating spectacular lightning shows over the desert landscape. These storms, while brief, offer a refreshing break from the heat and enhance the natural beauty of the area.

Humidity levels see a slight increase due to these storms, but it's nothing too overwhelming. Sunrise and sunset watchers are in for a treat, as the increased moisture in the air adds vibrant colors to the sky, making these daily events even more breathtaking.

For those planning a visit, packing should include light clothing for daytime, something warmer for cooler evenings, and, of course, rain gear for those unexpected showers. Sedona in July is an experience filled with warmth, beauty, and the occasional thrilling thunderstorm, making it a unique time to explore this magical place.

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