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How Hot and Humid is Japan’s Weather in July? How Hot and Humid is Japan’s Weather in July?

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How Hot and Humid is Japan’s Weather in July?

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover everything you need to know about the weather and climate in Japan during July with this comprehensive guide.

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July in Japan is when summer truly kicks in, bringing with it a mix of warm weather and seasonal surprises. I've always found this time of year fascinating, with its blend of modern and traditional events under the summer sun. Let's dive into what makes July special in Japan, weather-wise.

Expect temperatures to soar, often reaching up to ##30°C (86°F)## during the day. Nights offer little respite, seldom dropping below ##23°C (73°F)##. Humidity is another character of the season, making air feel heavier than usual. This combination can be quite intense, especially for visitors not used to tropical climates.

Rain plays a significant role too, as July falls within the ##tsuyu##, or rainy season, though it's tailing off. Sudden showers are common, so carrying an umbrella becomes second nature. Despite this, there are plenty of clear, sunny days perfect for exploring.

For those planning to visit, staying hydrated and wearing light, breathable clothing are key. Also, don't forget sunscreen. Despite the occasional downpour, UV levels can be high.

Culturally, July is vibrant. Festivals like Tanabata and Gion Matsuri offer glimpses into Japan's rich traditions, with streets coming alive with decorations, parades, and food stalls. It's a unique blend of weather challenges and cultural festivities, making July an intriguing month to experience Japan.

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