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Cold Snap Causes Window Crack Woes Cold Snap Causes Window Crack Woes

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Cold Snap Causes Window Crack Woes

Written by: Kyle Russell

Learn effective tips to prevent your windows from cracking in cold weather. Protect your home from the harsh effects of weather and climate.

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Sure, dealing with windows cracking in cold weather is something I’ve looked into quite a bit. When temperatures drop, materials contract, including the glass and frames of windows. This can lead to stress cracks. So, here’s what I do to prevent that from happening.

First off, I ensure my windows are properly sealed. Gaps or leaks can let in cold air, causing uneven temperatures on the glass surface. I use weather stripping or caulk to seal these up. Next, I consider installing double-glazed windows. They have a layer of air or gas between two panes of glass, providing better insulation.

Another trick is to use heavy curtains or thermal blinds. They add an extra layer of insulation, keeping the indoor side of the window warmer. I also make sure to keep the windows clean. Believe it or not, dirt and grime can weaken the glass, making it more susceptible to cracking.

Lastly, I avoid drastic temperature changes inside. Blasting the heat can cause a rapid temperature difference between the inside and outside of the window, increasing the risk of cracking. So, I keep my home’s temperature steady and moderate.

By following these steps, I’ve managed to keep my windows intact through many a cold spell.

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