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Monthly Temperature Trends in St. Louis Monthly Temperature Trends in St. Louis

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Monthly Temperature Trends in St. Louis

Written by: Kyle Russell

Explore the monthly temperature data for St. Louis to understand the weather and climate trends in the region. Stay informed with accurate weather information.

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So, let's dive into St. Louis and its weather patterns, shall we? Known for its iconic Gateway Arch, this city experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, making it a fascinating place for weather enthusiasts like me.

January kicks off with a chill, where average lows hover around 24°F. Trust me, you'll want your warmest coat. As spring approaches, temperatures start to climb. By April, you're looking at a much more comfortable average high of 67°F. Perfect for enjoying those blooming cherry blossoms in Forest Park.

Come summer, St. Louis heats up in more ways than one. July sees average highs peaking at 89°F. Humidity? Yeah, it's got that too, making air conditioning not just nice, but necessary.

As leaves change colors, October brings a cool down, with average highs around 68°F. It's my favorite time for hiking in nearby state parks. Finally, December wraps up the year with a chilly average low of 28°F, just in time for holiday festivities.

St. Louis's weather keeps you on your toes, offering everything from frosty winters to steamy summers. Living here, you learn to appreciate each season's unique charm.

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