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Wyoming Average Temperature by Month: A Detailed Guide Wyoming Average Temperature by Month: A Detailed Guide

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Wyoming Average Temperature by Month: A Detailed Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover the monthly average temperatures in Wyoming and explore the diverse weather and climate patterns of this region. Plan your trip with confidence!

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So, let's talk about Wyoming's weather, shall we? Picture rolling plains, towering mountains, and, yes, a whole lot of variability when it comes to temperatures. I've dug into the data, and here's the scoop on what you can expect, month by month.

In January, bundle up! We're talking average lows around 15°F. Fast forward to February, and it's still chilly with averages barely nudging up to 19°F. March sees a bit of a thaw, with temperatures climbing to a more bearable 24°F average low.

April brings promise of spring, with lows inching up to 28°F. May feels downright balmy in comparison, with nighttime averages at 36°F. June, ah, June, you can finally ditch the heavy coats, as lows average a comfy 44°F.

July and August are the stars of the show, with average lows at 50°F and 48°F, respectively. Perfect for those late-night stargazing sessions. September cools off to a crisp 39°F average low, making for some prime hiking weather.

October's when you'll start reaching for the sweaters again, with lows around 31°F. November turns brisk, dropping to 22°F, and December wraps up the year with a chilly 16°F average low.

So, there you have it. Wyoming's a place of extremes, from snowy winters to glorious, mild summers. Pack accordingly and enjoy the ride!

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