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Minnesota September Climate Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover the latest updates on weather and climate in Minnesota this September with our comprehensive guide. Plan your activities with accurate forecasts and insights.

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I’ve always found September in Minnesota to be a fascinating month, weather-wise. You’re caught between the tail end of summer’s warmth and the crisp onset of autumn. Temperatures during this time can be quite unpredictable. Mornings might greet you with a cool, almost chilly air, hinting at the coming fall. Yet, by afternoon, you could be peeling off layers as highs often soar into the comfortable 70s (Fahrenheit, that is).

Rainfall is another aspect to keep an eye on. September doesn’t shy away from wet days, but it’s not like you’ll need an ark. Showers are usually quick and leave as fast as they come, refreshing the air and brightening the greenery. It’s this mix of sun and rain that paints the state in vibrant colors, especially as the month progresses and leaves start their brilliant transformation.

For anyone planning to visit or just curious about this transitional period, pack with versatility in mind. Layers are your best friend. And don’t forget a good rain jacket. With the weather’s mood swings, you’ll be glad to have options. Trust me, experiencing September in Minnesota is witnessing a splendid prelude to the spectacle of fall.

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