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Kentucky Monthly Temperature Guide Kentucky Monthly Temperature Guide

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Kentucky Monthly Temperature Guide

Written by: Kyle Russell

Discover the monthly average temperatures in Kentucky and explore the weather and climate trends in the region. Plan your visit with valuable insights on Kentucky's climate.

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Kentucky, with its diverse climate, experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year. Let's dive into what you can expect month by month.

In January, cold grips the state, with average lows around 23°F and highs near 41°F. February warms up slightly, pushing averages to 26°F at night and 47°F during the day. Come March, spring starts to show its colors as temperatures climb to lows of 33°F and highs of 57°F.

April sees a more significant jump, with nighttime temperatures averaging 42°F and daytime highs reaching 67°F. May brings about a pleasant warmth, with averages spanning from 52°F at night to 76°F by day. June ushers in summer, with humidity and temperatures ranging from 61°F to 85°F.

July and August are peak summer months here, both hot and humid. Expect lows around 65°F and highs can soar up to 89°F. September starts to cool off, offering more comfortable conditions with temperatures between 57°F at night and 81°F during the day.

October is truly autumnal; leaves change as temperatures drop to averages between 45°F and 70°F. November sees a more pronounced chill, with averages from 36°F at night to 57°F by day. December rounds out the year, bringing back the cold with temperatures ranging from 28°F at night to 47°F during the day.

So, whether you're planning a visit or just curious, Kentucky's climate offers a bit of everything, from brisk winters to warm, humid summers.

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