Data Sources

Data Source(s):

We source our weather data primarily from WeatherAPI, supplemented by thousands of global private and public weather stations and weather data providers. This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver accurate and up-to-date weather information to our users.

Data Sources and Update Frequencies

Data Type


Update Frequency

Real-time Weather

WeatherAPI, live weather stations, and personal weather stations worldwide

Every 10-15 minutes

Forecast Weather

WeatherAPI and in-house forecasting application using raw data from ECMWF, WMO, NASA, NOAA GFS2 model, JMA model, etc.

Every 4-6 hours

Historical Weather

Archive of forecast data from WeatherAPI, not actual readings

Archived daily

Details on Weather Data

Utilizing advanced AI and machine learning technologies, alongside the comprehensive data from WeatherAPI, we ensure fast, reliable, and accurate weather forecasting for any geo-point on the globe, covering all countries around the world.